Limo carrying students headed to prom goes up in flames

PHOTOS: Prom limo catches fire

What was supposed to be a prom night to remember took a heated turn for some Columbus High School students when their limo started fire Saturday night.

The limo was headed down Wisconsin Avenue near the Capitol when the students noticed something was wrong.

“We were getting really hot,” senior Maddi Hendricks said. “We had the air all the way up and the fan all the way up.”

Within minutes of pulling over, the limo was engulfed in flames.

“The girls were freaking out, and the guys were like, ‘Oh this is so cool,'” Hendricks said.

“First time I’ve ever had a fully-engulfed limo,” Madison firefighter Zach Smith said. “It took a while to put out. It was so big.”

Firefighters said they could see the smoke from their fire station a couple miles away.

“They’ve probably got the most exciting pictures of prom night I would think,” Madison firefighter Matt Mialik said.

No one was injured in the fire, and the cause is still under investigation.