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Thank you, first responders!

Healthcare worker

News 3 Now This Morning is highlighting the healthcare workers and first responders who are making a difference in our community during the coronavirus pandemic.

We’re giving them a shout out during News 3 Now This Morning.

Send pictures your pictures of yourself or your friends and family who are working to save lives.

Lifestyle Headlines

Eating less beats intermittent fasting for weight loss, study says

Eating smaller meals and cutting calories is a more effective way to manage weight than intermittent fasting, when consumption is restricted to a narrow window of time. That’s the conclusion of researchers from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine who studied the eating, sleeping and waking patterns of 547 adults over a six-month period.

I Flew During the FAA Fiasco — and Elite Status Got Me Home

Unless you’ve been offline for the last week, you’ve probably heard about the Federal Aviation Administration’s temporary shutdown of all air traffic. As a West Coast-based flyer with plans for an in-state trip, I awoke last Wednesday morning to news of widespread flight cancellations and delays. My departure flight was going to leave an hour...