‘Let’s win together’: Vandalized Veterans Museum weighs heavy on community

MADISON, Wis.– Windows are still boarded up nearly one week after riots and looting first started in Downtown Madison.

One of those buildings is the Wisconsin Veterans Museum, which was vandalized with graffiti both before and after putting wooden boards up. Veterans tell us the vandalism is difficult to see.

“We share the pain that our country has right now,” Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs Mary Kolar said. “Veterans, when they took the oath to support and defend the constitution of the United States, it’s against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and right now, injustice is an enemy that we have in our country.”

Kolar said the museum holds centuries of moments, including moments of change following injustice and unrest.

“Their stories of being in the military, but also their stories of how they were treated afterwards,” Kolar said. “We have people of color who have risked their lives, served our country, and when they came home, they were not given the respect that was due to them.”

While the graffiti was the extent of the vandalism to this building, Kolar said the real issue at hand is uniting the country.

“We are still fighting to keep this country together, as veterans and as neighbors,” Kolar said. “Let’s win together, with everyone, with the justice for all that we have fought for in our support and defense of our constitution and our country.”

The Wisconsin Veterans Museum’s building is not owned by the state. Directors are currently working with the landlord on clean-up. The Museum is funded by the state and donations.