Let’s not just not be Baltimore; let’s be a better Madison

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   Just as Baltimore is struggling with its response to its conflict between law enforcement and African American citizens, so too the rest of us struggle with our response to Baltimore. The crisis of trust between police and Black communities, between some Black Americans and some white Americans, and what it says about our country and our cities puts us at a pivotal point in history. How do we respond?

   Recently the United Way of Dane County and the Urban League of Greater Madison jointly sent out a Letter to the Community offering resources to help families and individuals respond to the upcoming decision in the Tony Robinson shooting. That feels different than Baltimore.

   Thursday, Madison Magazine held a live, online Conversation on Race with four community leaders and the questions and discussion were respectful and thoughtful and positive. That feels different than Baltimore.

   There are obvious differences in each situation, but Madison continues to work hard at accommodating and respecting fear, anger, sadness, resolve and determination to act and change. Let that be our response, and our commitment to not just not be Baltimore, but to be a better Madison.