Lawmakers continue sparring over abortion rights in wake of leaked Supreme Court draft opinion

MADISON, Wis. — Multiple Democratic Wisconsin lawmakers on Thursday took aim at Republicans who they accuse of attacking abortion rights.

During a rally outside the state Capitol on Thursday morning, speakers, including Rep. Lisa Subeck (D-Madison) specifically called out Sen. Ron Johnson, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Kleefisch, saying their Republican counterparts waged a full-scale assault against reproductive healthcare.

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“While abortion is still legal in Wisconsin right now, the threat is real and it is imminent,” Subeck said. “This summer, most abortions could become illegal here, leaving Wisconsinites without access to critical healthcare services.”

The Democrats cited public opinion polls that show Roe v. Wade has public support both in Wisconsin and nationally.

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In a statement in response, Republican Party of Wisconsin communications director Anna Kelly said her party “stands for the right to life and the right of the people to protect it. We applaud any Court decision that affirms the right to life and will proudly support candidates who do as well.”

Ronna McDaniel, the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, also issued a statement in the wake of the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion indicating the court may be considering overturning the landmark abortion case.

“The leak from the Supreme Court is extremely alarming and the Court deserves to deliberate without intimidation,” she wrote. “Democrats are showing once again how extreme they really are on abortion, pushing taxpayer-funded, on demand, and unlimited abortion up until the moment of birth and after. Their position on abortion is radical, cruel, and anti-science. The far left wants unelected judges to impose a radical, one-size fits all abortion policy, leaving Americans without a voice. The Republican Party will always stand for the sanctity of life, speak up for the unborn, and protect vulnerable mothers.”