Lawmaker says Congress ‘is too chicken’ to address gun control

Senators split on gun bills, won’t say whether they’ll support latest compromise

Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Madison, said Congress is “too chicken” to address gun-control issues after the latest mass shooting in Orlando, Florida.

In a statement released Monday morning, Pocan said people across the country were asking themselves what they could do to help after the shooting at a gay nightclub during Pride Month.

“As a member of Congress, I contemplated these thoughts as well, ultimately coming to the conclusion that Congress won’t do a thing about any of these issues again this week,” Pocan said. “Unfortunately, this body is too chicken to address the epidemic of military-style assault weapons because that would upset the gun manufacturers and special interests.”

In an interview with News 3 on Monday, Pocan said he wrote the statement in frustration.

“It’s hard to come to Washington and know you’re not going to do anything when literally thousands of people are commenting across social media,’ Pocan said. “I think it’s the highest response we’ve ever gotten to anything we put on Facebook. People are really upset.”

Sen. Ron Johnson disagreed in interviews Monday that there needed to be a renewed ban on weapons.

“The second amendment to keep and bear arms is an important right, it’s an individual right, you should have the ability to arm yourself to protect yourself and your family in your own home,” Johnson said. “Are we going to let Islamic terror force or erode our constitutional rights? I would suggest we shouldn’t do that.”