Landing PGA Champions Tour event is a big deal for a lot of reasons

Independents week celebrates locally owned, operated businesses

Madison has been focused on its challenges lately, appropriately so. The challenges are real and important and a reminder that we best not get too full of ourselves.

But it would be a mistake to completely lose sight of our assets and the qualities this city enjoys, upon which we will build a more just and equal city for all. And we got a reminder of some of those assets Monday morning.

The announcement that the Professional Golf Association’s Champions Tour will hold an annual event at Madison’s University Ridge Golf Course is a big deal. It adds some “big league” status to our city.

It will draw some welcome national and even global attention to Madison. And the financial impact from putting on the event and from visitors will be measured in the Millions.

It also highlights the contributions from partners, folks like Steve Stricker, businesses like American Family Insurance, and icons like the UW-Madison.

And finally it’ll be a shot in the arm for a number of local charities including American Family Children’s Hospital. So congratulations to all for teeing this one up so nicely.