Klobuchar: I was ‘really stunned’ by Kavanaugh’s behavior at hearing

Sen. Amy Klobuchar said on Sunday that she was “really stunned” by how Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh acted when he testified last week at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing about sexual assault allegations against him.

“I was really stunned by how he acted at that hearing. This is basically a job interview for the highest court of the land,” Klobuchar told CNN “State of the Union” anchor Jake Tapper.

At last week’s hearing, the Minnesota Democrat and member of the committee, engaged in a tense exchange with Kavanaugh about his drinking habits, including if he had ever drunk so much he “didn’t remember what happened the night before or part of what happened.”

“You’re asking about blackout. I don’t know, have you?” he responded.

“Could you answer the question, judge?” Klobuchar said, looking somewhat surprised by the response. “So, you have, that’s not happened? Is that your answer.”

“Yeah, and I’m curious if you have,” he added.

“I have no drinking problem, judge,” she said, her timing running out.

“Nor do I,” Kavanaugh concluded. After a short break, Kavanaugh apologized to Klobuchar, who said she appreciated his apology, adding, “when you have a parent that is an alcoholic, you are pretty careful about drinking.”

On Sunday, Klobuchar explained the idea behind her line of questioning.

“One idea here is that he simply was drinking more than he was saying over this time period and that he didn’t remember what happened, and so I was just simply trying to get at that and really couching it in the fact that I had alcoholism in my own family,” she told Tapper.

Klobuchar said Kavanaugh’s denial of ever forgetting something after a night of drinking doesn’t add up.

“It doesn’t quite make sense to me, because, first of all, you have these other people from parts of his life who have said that he was belligerent when he was drunk and other things.”

Kavanaugh has denied the sexual assault allegation levied against him by Christine Blasey Ford, who also testified at last week’s hearing, and allegations by others of inappropriate sexual behavior.