Kitten frozen to dock named after sheriff rescuer

Kitten frozen to dock named after sheriff rescuer
WLEX/Jasper Family via CNN

A kitten frozen to a boat dock in Kentucky has a new name and a new home after a sheriff saved him, WLEX reported.

The stray cat got stuck on the dock after falling into the water, WLEX reported.

“He had fell in the water and came up on the little piece of rock, just left of the steps and froze right there,” said Roy Jasper.

Jasper and his wife, Laurie, have taken in the kitten and named him Ernie, after Mercer County Sheriff Ernie Kelty.

The Jaspers were the ones who called the sheriff for help when they spotted the cat, WLEX reported. The sheriff used water to loosen the cat’s feet and cut free some of the kitten’s fur.

“And then he put him under his shirt, and walked up here and gave him to me. Of course, Laurie took him in and wiped him down with towels. He was solid wet,” said Jasper.