Kenneth “Ken” A. Mikkelson


Verona- Kenneth “Ken” A. Mikkelson, age 79, passed away on Saturday, May 15, 2021 surrounded by his wife of 57 years and his three sons, John, Keith & Erik.

He passed peacefully from complications of leukemia. He was the sixth of eight children born on September 17, 1941 to Peter and Minnie (Anderson) Mikkelson, a family of Norwegian descent.

Everyone loved Ken. He always seemed to put others before himself. He adored his wife and supported her in all her artistic pursuits, like art quilt making and antique collecting. Ken was a devoted father to three rowdy boys, one of whom is disabled. He never exhausted his supply of patience and kindness.

Ken and Georgellen were originally from San Diego but when she left for college in Missouri Ken followed. When his schooling was finally complete, he had earned a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Missouri State, a Masters in Environmental Engineering and a PhD in Environmental Health Science. Both higher degrees were from Kansas University. Ken’s education led to a career in wastewater treatment. It kept him busy traveling the world, teaching, lecturing, designing, selling and writing about wastewater treatment systems. The family followed his career from Kansas to Alabama, Illinois and finally Madison, WI.

This became a more permanent home as his career matured. The choice to reside in Madison was a considerable commitment for Ken since he was working for a firm in Rockford IL. He commuted 150 miles a day for years so his family could live in Madison where they would be comfortable, and his disabled son could thrive because of top notch benefits the state of WI offered. It was just another example of how much Ken was capable of giving. He truly had an inexhaustible capacity to provide for and care for his family. To say he was a devoted family man is an understatement. Ken would go to any length to build a quality life for those he loved.

In his youth Ken excelled at baseball and other team sports. Later in life he enjoyed golf, gardening and traveling with his wife. Ken is survived by his immediate family, two sisters, one brother and many friends and relatives. He will be dearly missed by all who knew him.