Keep your kids safe on the golf course

Keep your kids safe on the golf course

Golfing can be a great activity for kids and families to enjoy together. Before you hit the course take a look at these safety precautions to keep your kids safe on the course.

Warm up:

Some of the most common golf injuries are back and muscle strains from swinging the golf club. To keep your kids pain free during their round, and after, make sure they do a few minutes of light cardio by walking or jogging, and then stretch their backs, shoulders, arms, elbows and wrists.

Before swinging on the first tee have the kids take some light practice swings to start warming up to the movement. The kids should start with short swings using the wedges and short irons and then work their way up to the full swing with the long irons and drivers.

Stay alert:

Make sure the kids are paying attention to what’s going on around them on the golf course. Teach them what “fore” means and make sure they pay attention as to not get hit by a ball.

Also make sure the kids are alert on the tee and know where to stand when another golfing is hitting. This will prevent them from getting hit by a club when another golfer is swinging.

Teach the kids how to behave properly with their own clubs so they are only swinging them in safe, designated areas so they don’t accidentally hit another golfer.

Golf cart safety:

Children should never operate a golf cart unless they are a licensed driver. Make sure young children are never left alone in a golf cart and that they know the carts are not toys.

Sun protection:

Keep your kids safe from the sun by using plenty of sunscreen and trying to cover as much exposed skin as possible, without overheating. Also consider having your child wear a hat to protect their heads.

Avoid dehydration:

A round of golf can take several hours. Make sure the kids are drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated. Also pack snacks to keep them fueled throughout their round.