Keep the winter blues away in an organized home

Along with cooking, organizing has become the top screenless activity done during quarantine.
Organized drawer
Photo courtesy of A Sunny Window
A drawer full of makeup and beauty supplies is organized neatly.

Along with cooking, organizing has become the top screenless activity done during quarantine.

Usually watching Youtube videos or TV shows of other people organizing is satisfying enough (looking at you, “The Home Edit“), but now that we’re staying home more often, many have finally found the time to tackle their own junk drawers, overflowing closets and pantries. 

If you’re not confident in your organizational abilities, one local professional home organizer, Anna Sunderlage from A Sunny Window, is here to help you get your space sorted out. 

Sunderlage started her business during the pandemic. 

“COVID-19 has upended a lot of people’s lives, but it ended up being an unexpected opportunity for me,” Sunderlage says. “I had the time to build a business from scratch and make a long-held dream materialize so much earlier in my life.”

Sunderlage’s dream fulfilled involves helping clients who are overwhelmed by the clutter in their homes and are looking for a simpler lifestyle.

“We create a plan with our clients and then do all of the heavy lifting for them. We categorize items, declutter, haul off donations, install new products and create organizational systems,” she says. “The end result is a home that is relaxing, free of clutter, easier to clean and manage and is tailored to the everyday needs of the families we serve.”

If a deep winter cleaning needs to happen in your household, Sunderlage has tips to make the task easier for those who don’t know much about organizing — or just really dread it. 

Closet Edited

Photo courtesy of Anna Sunderlage

A closet Is organized.

Minimize and declutter your space first
Sunderlage says that organizing is much easier when you have less stuff in general. “Most people have more stuff than they have time to manage or space in their home to properly store. Take a look around — are you really using those five different hair brushes, eight flashlights and six spatulas?” This first step is key, and you’ll likely need storage space for new bins later in the process. 

Buy your supplies
When buying your bins, make sure you get containers you like. They should also be sturdy enough that they don’t sag when gripped by one corner. And remember earlier when you cleared out space for your new bins? Make sure to get bins that fit in your new, less cluttered room or space. A few of Sunderlage’s favorites include the Water Hyacinth Storage Bins and Farmhouse Open Canvas Storage Bins from The Container Store. 

Clear out what’s left
After all of your decluttering is done, Sunderlage recommends getting all of your trash, recycling and donations out on the same day to keep the winter blues away. “There is nothing more deflating to be stepping over, moving and resorting piles for days on end,” she says. “Finishing the decluttering process all the way through will make our homes cozier and keep the cabin fever at bay.” 

Check out Sunderlage’s A Sunny Window online or on Instagram for more organizing tips and inspiration.

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