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L to R: Dr. Stan Karls, Dr. Matt Karls and Dr. Sarah Karls

Dr. Stan Karls, Dr. Matt Karls and Dr. Sarah Karls | Karls Family Dentistry

In 1970, after returning from the Vietnam War, Dr. Stan Karls established Karls Family Dentistry in Waunakee. His son, Dr. Matt Karls, says that his father’s humble beginnings transcended into the practice it continues to be today.

Growing up, Dr. Matt knew he wanted to follow in his father’s dentistry footsteps. Spending time in his office after school and becoming comfortable in the environment, his love for the practice then grew into his love for his work now.

“We strive to build long-term relationships with our patients,” he said. “We also work hard on ourselves in a team-focused environment. We meet weekly as a team to work on the greater good of the practice.”

Joined at the practice by his wife, Dr. Sarah Karls, the family-based practice prides themselves on their ability to make patients feel like they too, are part of the family.

“The town has grown substantially,” said Dr. Sarah. “And it is fun to hear about all of the family connections, old and new, that have grown throughout the years.”

Karls Family Dentistry will continue to grow with their patients in care for several years to come.

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Freddie and Annorah Karls

At a Glance
What our Patients Say: “I have now had two appointments with Karls Family Dentistry, and I could not be any happier! Both Matt and Sarah are very friendly and welcoming, as are the hygienists that I have had there. My cleanings have been thorough and comfortable. Today’s cleaning with Maddie may have been the most comfortable I had anywhere. No painful pokes or scrapes. I genuinely believe Karls is doing what is right for the patients. My previous location always seemed to have extra costs popping up. My appointments with Karls have been the opposite. I see them as very honest and reputable. I give them my highest recommendation”
Years in practice: 73 combined
Location: 400 West Second St., Waunakee, 849-4100
Online: KarlsFamilyDentistry.com

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