Just two weeks ago, Cheatham was talking about her future with MMSD. What changed?

Just two weeks ago, Cheatham was talking about her future with MMSD. What changed?

Madison Metropolitan School District Superintendent Jennifer Cheatham is set to announce her resignation today.

But in an interview with our Neil Heinen on “For The Record” just two weeks ago, she was talking about her future with the district, saying she was looking forward to working for the new, all-female school board.

Cheatham also said she was excited to implement the district’s more progressive behavior plan.

“I’m really excited about it,” she told Heinen. “I think it’s really important work and it’s focused on making sure schools are not only safe places, but places where students thrive, where they can be themselves.”

Cheatham also spoke to News 3 Now specifically about the multiple sexual assault incidents that happened during the current school year. Police have reported two alleged sexual assaults at La Follette High School in 2019: one in January and another in February.

“We take every single incident incredibly seriously,” said Cheatham. “I need people to know that. When we say that safety is the top priority in our schools, in any school, in any school district, we mean it. That doesn’t mean we’re going to be able to prevent every possible incident from happening.”

Cheatham said an incident involving guns near La Follette High School earlier in the year led to the district increasing the speed at which they respond to serious incidents. She said that’s part of the reason why the community heard more about them this year: because the district was making an effort to alert parents as soon as they could.

“It doesn’t mean we always get it out there before someone else does, but we have been trying to communicate better than ever,” said Cheatham. “And I think that, in large part, that’s why the larger community is hearing more about some of the incidences here.”

We’re expecting a news conference later today to find out what led to Cheatham’s resignation and what the next steps for the school district are as the school year winds down.

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