Just another game for former Badger Havenstein

Rams offensive lineman prepares for Patriots

Former Wisconsin offensive lineman Rob Havenstein was drafted by the Rams in 2015 and was on the team that won four games in 2016. Since then, Los Angeles has quickly become one of the best teams in the NFL, but Havenstein doesn’t think the sudden rise will affect how the Rams approach Sunday’s showdown with New England.

“This week, I think everyone on the team has been really focused into not just being excited about being here, but being excited about going to have an opportunity to go win this thing,” Havenstein said at media day.

He said he was going to try and treat the Super Bowl like any other game- almost any other game.

“When I run out there I’m going to have the same mindset I do like I would be running out for the opening game of preseason- maybe not preseason, but the regular season for sure.”

Some of his Rams teammates are preparing dance moves to unleash during the biggest sporting event of the year, but don’t hold your breath for Havenstein to join them. “I’m married and got a kid now,” he joked. “I don’t dance anymore.”