Judge approves waiver in arrow shooting

16-year-old will be charged as an adult

A 16-year-old boy accused of shooting an arrow that hit a Campbellsport girl will face charges in adult court.

A Fond du Lac County judge has agreed to waive the boy into adult court. District Attorney Dan Kaminsky says he’s preparing criminal charges against the teen.

Seven-year-old Aryanna Schneeberg was playing outside her home when she was hit in the back by an arrow fired from a compound bow May 20. Doctors at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin said Aryanna was “lucky to be alive” after the arrow sliced through her spleen, stomach, diaphragm and lung before stopping at her liver.

The Reporter says the teen initially denied shooting the arrow, but later told investigators he was aiming for squirrels and didn’t come forward because he was scared.