Jonas Brothers concert cuts short, leaving Toronto fans confused

Jonas Brothers make pit stop to visit fan with cancer
Jonas Brothers via Twitter/Instagram

The Jonas Brothers left thousands of their Toronto fans feeling cheated after ending their Friday concert early due to “an unforeseen technical difficulty.”

The band was playing at Scotiabank Arena as part of their #HappinessBeginsTour when the concert was suddenly cut short, without any explanation from the stage.

The band, however, posted a hasty message to Twitter.

“Toronto, we’re so sorry we didn’t get to play our last two songs. Unfortunately there was an unforeseen technical difficulty and our production team advised we end the show. Thank you all for coming out tonight! We love you all so much!” the band tweeted.

Flustered fans flocked to Twitter in confusion and it’s safe to say they were not happy.

While many expressed their gratitude for the band’s safety, others fans were angry they were “ghosted” by the Jonas Brothers without an encore or goodbye.

Videos posted on Twitter showed thousands of fans standing in the arena patiently waiting for something — anything — despite being asked to leave by security.

While the Jonas Brothers left before playing a crowd favorite, “Burnin’ Up”, the dedicated group of fans decided to sing the song themselves.

Despite Friday’s disappointment, the Jonas Brothers are scheduled to play at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto for their second day on Saturday.