Janesville taxi company gives free rides for the holidays

Janesville taxi company gives free rides for the holidays


One day a year the meters stop running at Janesville’s taxicab service so he can help others.

The owner is simply known as “Mr. Taxi” and he’s making a big impact for families this Christmas.

The owner skips the traditional holiday rituals to make Christmas a little merrier for folks in the community.

“It’s nice to be the helping hand when they’re in need,” said Mr. Taxi.

All of Mr. Taxi’s drivers have the day off.  Instead, Mr. Taxi donates his time and picks us everyone from the elderly to college students in town for the holidays and gets them to where they need to go. He provides an average of 40 rides in one day.

“It makes me feel good,” said Mr. Taxi. “It helps them out and keeps a smile on their face.”

Mike’s been doing this for three years. He said as long as he’s in business, he’ll provide the free rides on Christmas.

“I wouldn’t want to make money off something that’s so wonderful as families coming together for such a great holiday,” said Mr. Taxi.

The free rides aren’t for bar hopping. They are only for people trying to connect with their families for the holiday.

“Mr. Taxi” said most of the riders do tip and that helps pay for the gas he uses on the holiday.