Janesville tattoo shop inks pro-choice designs on 100 customers for nationwide fundraiser

Janesville, Wis. – The fight for abortion access has taken on many stages, courtrooms, capitol steps and on Sunday a tattoo shop in Janesville.

Tattoo Obscura was one of 150 shops in 40 states across the country participating in the ‘My Body, My Choice’ flash fundraiser.

Customers who wanted to support the National Network of Abortion funds paid $75 to have one of a couple dozen pro-choice designs permanently places on their bodies.

The shop’s owner Christine Fotorny said she was appalled by the U.S Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and that the day’s event was a way to combine her passion for art and activism–hoping help make a difference.

“Why tattoos? Cuz it’s a good form of expression,” Fotorny said. “Sometimes you don’t necessarily feel maybe strong enough or extroverted enough to get your point out there and this is a good way of people able to do that.”

One Hundred people signed up for fresh ink at the first come, first serve event which was so popular, people began lining up outside of Tattoo Obscura three hours before they were scheduled to open. All spots were filled within two hours.

Terri Anne Jimenez-Shulze, 25, was among those who left the shop on Sunday with new body art.  She said her new tattoo is just one part of a big fight.

“One top of you know doing marches with people and saying my political piece on social media and what not,” Jimenez-Shulze explained, “it’s a permanent reminder that this is my body choice and my choice.”

It’s a message Fotorny hopes will leave an even bigger impression than the one left by her needle.

She also said given the event’s popularity they have plans to continue the ‘My body, My choice,’ tattoo special as an ongoing fundraiser for abortion access.