Janesville man faces charges after punching police dog

Janesville man faces charges after punching police dog
Trevor Michaels

Janesville police said a 25-year-old man faces numerous felonies after he punched a police dog trying to escape arrest Monday.

The incident happened on Rockport Park Drive near Afton Road just before 7 p.m. Monday.

According to police, officer Drew Severson pulled into a public parking area and saw Trevor Michaels, 25, of Janesville, get out of his car. Severson knew Michaels was wanted by the Department of Corrections and tried to make contact with him, but Michaels denied who he was.

Police said Michaels took off running, and Severson deployed K-9 Fred, who caught him and knocked him down.

According to police, Michaels punched Fred in the head and continued to resist. However, Fred and the officer were able to gain control and take him into custody.

“We basically ran into a wooded area, and Trevor was far enough in front of me that Fred was able to get out and basically jump up and knock him down,” Severson said. “He turned and then punched Fred directly in the nose.”

“Fred was definitely a distraction and was able to stop him, and even Trevor admitted that later at the jail. He says he would have gotten away without the dog there,” Severson said.

Police said Severson sustained a minor leg injury, and Fred sustained a head injury.

Severson said he is monitoring Fred for the next 10 to 14 days to make sure he’s OK, which he said he appeared to be on Tuesday.

“He’s been an asset to use, and obviously his speed and his nose are far greater than any human’s, so we continue to use that as much as we can,” Severson said.

Michaels faces charges of battery to law enforcement, resisting arrest causing injury, harassing a police dog and possession of imitation controlled substances. All four charges are felonies.