Janesville man arrested for disorderly conduct after dispute with his neighbor, police say

Janesville PD response to a disorderly conduct complaint

JANESVILLE, Wis. — Police arrested a man for disorderly conduct following a complaint from a neighbor Friday night, according to a incident report.

Janesville Police Department, received a call at 11:03 p.m. for a disorderly conduct complaint at 12 N. Washington St. Officers were able to resolved the issue, but was called back shortly after for a battery complaint.

Law enforcement officials said Granit Menxhiqi, 31, threw a bottle from his home and hit one of his neighbors in the head. The neighbor suffered non-life threatening injuries, the report said.

Police said Menxhiqi would not cooperate with officials and exit the residence. The suspect also made reference to shooting his neighbor and harming officers if they attempted to enter his home.

Menxhiqi was arrested for disorderly conduct, battery and failure to comply with officers.