Jaden Gault sets a very healthy example

Football waits for treatment of depression
Jaden Gault sets a very healthy example

There’s a rather extraordinary story on the front page of Monday’s Wisconsin State Journal. It’s the story of current UW student and highly sought after football recruit – and Monona Grove high school graduate – Jaden Gault.

Jaden is taking some time, including a leave from the UW football team, to get treated for depression. This editorial board will always want to support someone like Jaden with the courage and strength to talk about this illness, and we applaud the State Journal for giving the story the prominence it deserves.

This is obviously not easy for Jaden Gault. First of all there is the increasingly absurd and difficult stigma still attached to mental illness despite all we now know. And, he surely wants to feel better and pursue his dream of playing football at the UW.

But his willingness to talk about his health, and seek the necessary treatment, is not just brave – it’s an incredible example for other folks, especially young people, who are wrestling with this very tough but treatable illness. And we just want Jaden to know we admire him, and we support him.