‘It’s something that means a lot’: Fitchburg community hosts Memorial Day service

FITCHBURG, Wis. — On a day we honor those who served and sacrificed their lives for our country, it was fitting to hear from Lt. Lisa Heitman, who has dedicated her life to protecting our nation.

“It really is looking outside of yourself and wanting to do something bigger than just you and really having this desire to serve your country, your nation,” she said.

Lt. Heitman is a member of the Fitchburg Police Department. Before that, she served as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force.

“Of course 9/11 happened while I was in college,” she said. “(I) joined the ROTC program and I was drawn to military intelligence.”

As the keynote speaker at Fitchburg’s Memorial Day service Monday, Heitman’s message was simple but important.

“Remember those that have their life. Oftentimes we thank veterans and celebrate Veterans Day, but today, we want to remember and thank those who gave the ultimate sacrifice,” she said.

Around 100 veterans and members of the Fitchburg community heard that message, including Mayor Aaron Richardson.

“It’s something that means a lot to me,” Richardson said. “My sister served in the Navy for five years. Last year, she was our featured speaker, so I’ve seen people and loved people who have served in the military.”

A 21-gun salute rang out, Taps played proudly and a community came together to remember our fallen heroes.

“Those that aren’t here but they want to thank those soldiers, those Airmen, those Marines that gave their life, it’s touching to see people do that on this day,” said Lt. Heitman.