‘It’s going to be different’: Gyms reopen, begin offering classes

MADISON, Wis. – Fitness enthusiasts have more options as area gyms begin offering classes again with a number of changes.

Burn Boot Camp in Verona held its first classes in in more than two months Wednesday.

“Everyone working out again is probably the best feeling I’ve had in nine weeks,” head trainer Cody Burns said.

Working out can teach you how to push through challenges, and right now that means adapting to the times.

“At Burn, high fives is the biggest thing for us,” Burns said. “Now we can’t do that. We’re doing air fives.”

Burn Boot Camp is ensuring class sizes are limited, only allowing current members to come by signing up ahead of time.

“They have to wear a mask coming into the gym,” Burns said. “They have to hit hand sanitizer right away, walk right to the floating floor, and we have marked off spots on the floating floor where they can work out.”

Members stay in those six by ten spots for the whole class and wash their equipment afterward, Burns said.

In Middleton, Jonathan Nolan is getting ready to reopen Training for Warriors, or TFW, Monday.

“We’re definitely tightening things down as far as how we were doing things before,” Nolan said. “It’s going to be different, but of course that’s just to keep people safe.”

When every class is different, ranging from heavy lifting to metabolic training, that means plenty of planning ahead. Safety measures include creating pods to keep members distanced by at least eight to ten feet and making sure there’s enough equipment so they don’t have to share.

“We have fun,” Nolan said. “I’m just excited to see my people back.”

He’s especially looking forward to that considering reopening wasn’t a given.

“I was on the fence the last few weeks to be honest,” Nolan said. “I’m just glad I didn’t decide to throw the towel in, because it is coming to an end and we are getting that restart.”

That restart requires going with the flow and not sweating the limitations.

“Everyone’s picking up where we left off,” Burns said. “I think right now it’s more or less being grateful that we’re back together again and I think something like, we’ll never take this for granted again.”

TFW is accepting new members. During Phase One of reopening in Dane County, Burn Boot Camp is only allowing current members to sign up for classes.

Both TFW and Burn Boot Camp are still offering their Zoom workouts.