Investment in school behavior plan shows support for students, teachers

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The nearly $2 million the Madison School Board approved for a new student behavior plan for next year is a significant investment in meeting a significant goal: reducing racially disparate suspensions.

But it is also an important display of support for teachers, many of whom are far more supportive of the behavior plan than they have been portrayed.

First of all teachers played a role in crafting the original plan, which was needed to address racial disparities. And when concerns were raised about real problems with the plan teachers were full partners in discussing how to address those concerns.

The district listened, made changes, and now has put resources behind that revised plan.

We’re impressed with teachers for working to make a difficult change in district policies work better. We’re impressed with the administration and School Board for working with the teachers. Most of all we’re looking forward to more kids staying in schools, getting some help and direction, and learning.