Insure, approve the Enbridge Pipeline expansion

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We’re not sure Enbridge Energy really needs to buy extra insurance against a possible spill from its oil pipeline in Dane County, but its willingness to do so would apparently go a long way to easing the minds of some Dane County Board supervisors who are voting on the company’s proposed expansion of its pipeline tomorrow night.

So we encourage Enbridge to add a reasonable amount of additional insurance with expectation the board’s zoning committee will approve the project.

Remember, the pipeline is already in place running the length of the state. The expansion is for flow through existing pipes with added pump stations.

Dane County is the only county of the 12 the line travels through that has not approved the expansion. It should. Oil spills are awful, but they are not inevitable. Pipelines are arguable safer than rail or truck transport. And Enbridge appears to be acting in good faith. This seems to be a reasonable compromise.