In the 608: Local woman celebrating Wisconsin bandshells and stands

MIDDLETON, Wis. – If you’ve driven through downtown Middleton recently, you may have noticed lots of construction, but now that “Stone Horse Green” is officially open, it’s bringing some new life to the Good Neighbor City.

Marjorie Kozich followed the Stone Horse Green project every step of the way. She’s happy to now add this to her list of over 170 bandshells, stands, stages, theaters and amphitheaters across the state of Wisconsin.

Because these unique places form a part of our fabric, heritage, and culture, Kozich tells News 3 Now it was easy creating a way for folks to look to when traveling.

“I sort of got interested a number of years ago when I saw one, and I thought ‘oh there must be a lot of these around,’ and sure enough in Wisconsin I have discovered 170 of them,” Kozich said. “I’ve had the pleasure to visit all of them and see how they were built and the history of it and how they’re used. It’s incredible for communities to have this.”

One of the newest ones, Stone Horse Green, has been in the works for about seven years. From the gorgeous architecture itself, to the beautiful green space, with special additions like a fire pit and lighting, there’s a little something for everyone.

Kozich says each band stand or bandshell has a unique story, no matter where you live. In this case, Middleton’s own is in her own back yard.

“It’s to bring community together in a public spot,” Kozich added. “It’s free. It’s open. We have the senior center nearby. We have the library nearby. It’s a real downtown spot.”

You can find her full list of Wisconsin bandshells and stands by going to her website. She also says updates from you at home are most welcome.