In the 608: Blackhawk Lake Recreation Area celebrates 50 years

HIGHLAND, Wis. – Blackhawk Lake Recreation Area is celebrating 50 years this week, and they’re doing it big. This coming weekend, they have a day planned with fun for the whole family, including fireworks.

The park first opened on July 4th, 1972. It’s known for being perfect getaway for your family and friends. Blackhawk Lake Recreation Area has a little bit of everything, from camping, boating, fishing, and exploring the great outdoors.

For park manager, Tom Michek, the 50th celebration is an exciting way to show the community how thankful they are for continued support.

“We’re still here after 50, and those people have made it what it is, so it should be fun,” Michek said. “We are very proud of this place. It is Southwest Wisconsin’s little gem.”

The Blackhawk Lake Recreation Area consists of over 2,000 acres. The lake itself is full of bluegill, crappie, northern pike, walleye, and large-mouth bass. The recreation area includes a campground, boat launch, and picnic areas. There’s also designated wildlife area that is used for hiking and seasonal public hunting.

Blackhawk Lake Recreation Area is owned by the Wisconsin DNR with an operational easement granted to Iowa County. The Wisconsin DNR has jurisdiction of the lake and designated wildlife areas. The Cobb-Highland Recreation Commission, consisting of ten board members, five from Cobb and five from Highland, oversee the operations.

Blackhawk Lake Recreation Area is not part of the Wisconsin state park system, so it does not receive any funding from state or county tax dollars. That means this park is unique to the badger state.

“Our new customer list keeps growing,” Michek added. “The locals just love it. Our new customer list keeps growing every year, but we also have customers who have been coming here almost since day one that are very loyal customers.”

Whatever money you spend inside the recreation area stays right there, which is pretty unique. That also gives them the means to keep growing for even more visitors in the future.

If you’d like to learn more about their celebration this coming Saturday, July 30th, click here.