Wisconsin couple charged with child sex crimes now accused of breaking court order

BLACK RIVER FALLS, Wis. (WKBT) — A Jackson County couple charged with child sex crimes is now accused of breaking a court order.

Casey and Jennifer Zillmer are charged with a combined 12 felonies, most involving children.

Last week, Jennifer Zillmer posted a $4,000 cash bond and was released from jail. On Monday, Casey asked the court to reduce his $10,000 cash bond. The prosecutor asked the judge to deny the motion.

The couple is not supposed to have any contact with the victims or one another. The prosecutor told the judge the Zillmers broke that order in the jail.

“Mr. Zillmer was disciplined for breaking institutional rules at the jail when he passed a note through a book in the library. And then used a placement provider to facilitate to get a message to Jennifer Zillmer, to retrieve the note,” Prosecutor Lynne Van Hollen told the judge.

Casey Zillmer remains behind bars. The judge told the court she was concerned if Zillmer is released he would not return for his hearing.