The 11 most expensive cities in the US

The most expensive U.S. cities are costly for a good reason – several, really. Residents are willing to pay extra for everything from housing to food to gas if it allows them to live someplace with great weather. Others are looking for cosmopolitan living, with a host of restaurants, museums and other cultural options on tap.

However, in some cases, simple isolation plays a leading role. When pretty much everything has to be imported over long supply lines, prices are bound to be higher.

To determine just how much the most expensive cities in the U.S. can really cost, we turned to the latest data from the Council for Community and Economic Research. Its Cost of Living Index measures scores of prices across 265 urban areas for housing, groceries, utilities, transportation, healthcare, and miscellaneous goods and services (such as getting your hair done or going to a movie). We also gathered data on household incomes, home values and unemployment rates for each city to provide additional insights into the true cost of living for typical residents.

Take a closer look at the 11 most expensive cities in the U.S.