Sen. Johnson campaigns in western Wisconsin, fires back at Obama over Social Security

ONALASKA (WKBT)- Wisconsin incumbent U.S. Senator Ron Johnson’s bus tour made a campaign stop at the La Crosse County Republican Party headquarters Tuesday evening.

Former President Barack Obama criticized Johnson over the weekend on Social Security. Johnson has pushed for the program to be moved from mandatory spending to discretionary, meaning it has to be approved in each yearly budget.

The Republican called former President Obama “the Deceiver in Chief.”

“What struck me about his lies–and he was lying about me, he’s the Deceiver in Chief–was how angry he was,” Johnson said. “President Obama, what are you so angry about? I mean, you split your time between Martha’s Vineyard, but the sanctuary city that just couldn’t handle, I guess 50 migrants, and Washington, D.C. Then he comes into Wisconsin, accuses me of being out of touch.”

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Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, who’s running against Johnson, has proposed raising the tax limit on Social Security. Currently, only people earning up to $147,000 are taxed for the program.