Putting pot to the test: Safety, potency of legal cannabis | Here Weed Go! podcast

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How’s it growing folks?! Here Weed Go! is back again, with more canna-curious questions-and-answers coming your way.

Have you ever been to a dispensary? If you’ve ever bought anything from any dispensary, you’ll know that on every jar or piece of packaging comes an added notice letting you know the product’s potency and other testing information, sometimes with a printed state seal.

So in the latest Here Weed Go! podcast, host and cannabis reporter Eddie Celaya interviews Robert Brodnick, co-owner and CEO of Titan Laboratories in Tucson, Arizona, and one of the men behind the sort of labs that determine just how safe and potent your cannabis is.

The episode touches on how Titan Laboratories came to be in Tucson, what labs like Titan are testing for to keep consumers safe, what states like Arizona and others can do to make sure cannabis patients and customers are safe, and what federalization would mean for the cannabis testing industry.

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