Must-watch videos of the week

A flying car got the green light, a road trip’s detour was derailed, and fashion’s next big thing may be smaller than expected. These are the must-watch videos of the week.

Cleared for takeoff

The AirCar, a concept car from manufacturer Klein Vision, has been given the green light to take flight in Slovakia.

A deceiving detour

A traveler says a TikTok video that was mistakenly labeled Gastonia, North Carolina, tricked her into driving to the city, as the snow mountain scene she’d hoped to see was actually filmed in Switzerland.

Baby’s first shopping spree

A toddler ordered almost $2,000 of furniture from Walmart’s website. His parents had no idea until the packages started to arrive.

How to make an impression

James Austin Johnson, one of the newest cast members of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” told late-night talk show host Seth Meyers how he arrived at his signature impression of Donald Trump.

Fun-size fashionista

9-year-old Kaia Aragon has gone viral and is being named a young fashion icon thanks to her TikTok videos that have amassed over 21 million likes and caught the eye of famed designer Vera Wang. CNN affiliate KDRO reports.

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