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The goal of media organizations is to report the news objectively. But what happens when the news that is reported in negative? 

Richard Kyte and Scott Rada, co-hosts of The Ethical Life podcast, discuss the negative thrust of many of the news reports people see and share on social media and if those stories are leading to a believe that this country is heading in the wrong direction.

Henry Thomas discusses latest project, career

If you are a fan of the film “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,” you’ll want to give the latest episode of Streamed & Screened a listen. After talking about the the latest films and programs hitting streaming services, co-host Bruce Miller catches up with actor Henry Thomas, who played Elliott in the 1982 classic. His career is still going strong and the actor talks about his newest project as well as reflects on being a child star.

Should you buy a boat?

It’s summer and the perfect time to head outside and get back to nature. But should you buy a recreational vehicle or boat? There are financial considerations you should weigh before making that kind of purchase and the PennyWise podcast offers several tips in the latest episode.

Tornadoes and lightning: facts vs. myths

If you see a tornado in the distance should you try and outdrive it to find safety? If you’re indoors during a storm should you take a shower or wash the dishes? The answer to those questions and others are discussed in the two most recent episodes of the Across the Sky podcast.

As the hosts point out, tornadoes are not limited to certain parts of the country and everyone should be aware that one could potentially develop anywhere. And when it comes to lightning, “when thunder roars, go indoors.” The summer brings dangerous weather system, so be sure to listen to both episodes to learn how to stay safe.

Catching up with Craig Hodges

Former NBA guard Craig Hodges, who won a pair of championships with the Chicago Bulls as well as two more rings as a coach with the Los Angeles Lakers, discusses his professional and collegiate basketball career, social justice issues and use of cannabis as a special guest on the Here Weed Go! podcast.

The second part of the two-part series will drop this week, but you can listen to the first part now.

The latest headlines

And as always, stay on top of the latest news with our Hot off the Wire podcast, which releases new episodes on weekdays as well as longer In Case You Missed It programs recapping the week. Periodic breaking news bonus episodes are also published.