Kwik Trip switching to pay-at-the-pump or prepay only

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — Kwik Trip will require everyone to prepay for their gas starting Jan. 3 in a move designed to prevent drive-offs.

“We are moving to prepay to improve our Guest Service. Our coworkers spend so much time watching the fuel islands for drive-offs, they can’t focus solely on the guests in the store,” said a Kwik Trip spokesperson.

All stores’ fuel pumps will be turned to prepay or pay-at-the-pump only, except for side-diesel islands, which will still have the pay-inside option.

Visitors can still use cash or check to prepay for fuel inside the store.

“Gift cards are a great way to prepay for fuel as they avoid any pre-authorization fees and the guest will be charged for the specific amount pumped right away,” the spokesperson.