Elevate your holiday spread with these delicious (and sustainable!) treats

The most memorable food moments at a holiday party often come from those special items that you’ve always loved and can now introduce to friends. There are so many fantastic, sustainable and unique food artisans out there ready to level up your holiday events this year. Here are seven of our favorites. 

Vermont Creamery Bonne Bouche

A delicious cheese is a party must. Vermont Creamery, a B-corp since 2014, is forever focused on reducing their waste and overall footprint. In 2020, they became 100% powered by cow-powered renewable energy and have a goal of being carbon neutral by 2025.

Not only that, but they make delicious, award-winning cheeses. Try this Bonne Bouche, perfect for pairing with a cranberry spread or pomegranate molasses. ’Tis the season.

Enzo Olive Oil and Balsamic

Put out a selection of delicious olive oils and balsamic along with some warm bread and your guests won’t even ask for other food.

Enzo’s Table grows their own organic olives and presses them, using their olive oil waste for livestock feed, and they’ve invested heavily into recyclable packaging and water conservation efforts. This beautiful five-bottle set is perfect to put out for your guests or to give as a hostess gift.

Chef’s Box from Alaskan Salmon Company

If you dream of an abundance of freshly caught fish, this chef’s box from sustainable seafood company Alaskan Salmon Company has you covered.

Their fish appears in kitchens like Nobu, giving it serious street cred. Thinly slice for a sashimi platter, lightly poach or throw on the grill for an instant party-pleaser coming straight to your door from Alaskan fisherman.

Underground Meats Wisco Old Fashioned Salami

A charcuterie board is a natural hit at any party. Impress your guests with salami from Madison, Wisconsin-based Underground Meats, which sources all of their meats from heritage animals and uses only ethical practices in their old-world aging techniques. This unique salami pulls its flavors from the classic Old Fashioned with allspice, brandied cherries, orange peel and red wine. The result is bright, sweet and unlike anything you’ve ever had before.

Dough Wines Sparkling Brut

What’s a party without a little bubbly? This sustainable sparkler from the Willamette Valley in Oregon uses the best environmental practices in the vineyard and partners with the James Beard Foundation to create a more sustainable and inclusive food culture as well. Cheers to that!

Masa Madre Cinnamon Churro Babka

Two best friends and bakers met in Mexico City and decided to create a Chicago direct-to-consumer bakery, combining flavors and desserts from their Jewish and Mexican heritage.

The sweet, cinnamon-forward churro babka will make a fun addition to any holiday brunch or dessert spread. They take care to use the best, most sustainable ingredients—and eco-friendly packaging.

SalterieOne Sea Salt Duo

This sea salt is hand-harvested from Duxbuy Bay on the coast of Massachusetts, mixed with a blend of delicious herbs and hand-packed in these beautiful (and reusable!) glass jars. A sprinkle of sea salt is perfect on just about anything at a party. Add it to your olive oil, sprinkle it on any dip, cook with it or sprinkle on top of your brownies.