Chase Launches New Option To “Spend Instantly” After Opening A Chase Card

Nobody likes to wait. But waiting for a new credit card to arrive in the mail seems inevitable after opening a new credit card. After all, the bank needs to print a personalized card and mail it to you. But what if there was a quicker way? Maybe some sort of digital card for a digital wallet.

It turns out that technology is available, and Chase is now using digital wallets to make it easy for new cardholders to start spending on a new card right after you open it. Chase is aptly dubbing this new feature “Spend Instantly.”

Eligible Chase cardholders can start using a new Chase card just after being approved by adding the new card to a digital wallet—such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. However, you’ll need to have an eligible Chase card and know the process to add it. Let’s show you how.

How to Use Chase Spend Instantly

To use Chase Spend Instantly, you’ll need to start in the Chase Mobile app (Android, Apple). Log into your Chase account and select the card you want to add to a mobile wallet. Scroll down to Account Services and click the Digital Wallets link.

Choose which digital wallet you want to use. Chase will display a list of cards that are eligible to add to a digital wallet. Tap on the card you want to add. Finally, read and accept any terms and conditions to add the card to your digital wallet.

Currently, Chase cards can be added to three digital wallets:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay

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Which Chase Cards Let You Spend Instantly

Most Chase consumer cards can be used right after approval through Chase Spend Instantly. These include Forbes Advisor favorites such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, Chase Sapphire Reserve®, Chase Freedom Flex℠, United℠ Explorer Card and IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card*.

In fact, it’s easiest to just share which Chase cards aren’t eligible for Spend Instantly:

  • Amazon: Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card*, Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card*
  • Disney: Disney® Visa® Card*, Disney® Premier Visa® Card*
  • Business credit cards

You can still add these ineligible cards to a digital wallet. However, you’ll need to wait until your physical card arrives in the mail before you can do so.

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Benefits of Chase Spend Instantly

Chase Spend Instantly solves a problem that most credit cardholders are all too familiar with: waiting for a new credit card to arrive in the mail.

Whether you’re excited to use new benefits or just want to start spending toward the welcome bonus, it can be frustrating to wait for up to two weeks for your new Chase card to arrive. New Chase cardholders can request expedited processing, but it will still take a few days for your new Chase card to arrive in the mail.

While you’re waiting, the clock is ticking. Chase welcome bonuses typically award bonus points or miles after you spend a certain amount in a defined time period. And that time period starts the day you open your card—regardless of how long it takes for your card to arrive in the mail.

By adding your new Chase card to a digital wallet, you can start using that card the day you opened it. For example, newChase Sapphire Reserve® cardholders can get approved for a card and then utilize the $300 Annual Travel Credit to book a trip that same day. And, by booking that trip through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal, you can earn up to 10 points per dollar spent—after the first $300 is wiped out by the travel credit.The card earns .

Best of all, purchases will help you work toward earning the .

Bottom Line

Chase has launched a new option to “Spend Instantly” on newly approved Chase cards. To set this up, you’ll need to add your new card to a digital wallet via the Chase Mobile app. Then you can instantly start spending on the card to work your way toward earning the sign-up bonus.

Since only a few cards are ineligible for this new option, the odds are good that your next Chase card is eligible.

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