Celebrate National Hot Sauce Day with 10 Hot Sauces from ‘Hot Ones’ Season 16

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Photo: DustyPixel via gettyimages.com

National Hot Sauce Day is Jan. 22. Some celebs like it hot—and even hotter! Hot Ones Season 16 premiered on Sept. 23, 2021, and ended on Dec. 9, 2021. In the lip-burning Daytime Emmy-nominated Web series, host Sean Evans challenges celebrities to eat chicken wings slathered in various hot sauce brands while asking them questions.

Marvel Cinematic Universe star Tom Holland—who MCU fans know and love as Spider-Man/Peter Parker—guested on the Hot Ones Dec. 9 season 16 finale.

As hot sauce brands go, Hot Ones delivers varieties that are off the Scoville scale. Holland appeared a week ahead of the highly-anticipated “Spider-Man: Far from Home” premiere. He was determined to get through the sauce lineup without drinking any milk. Could he do it?

To honor National Hot Sauce Day, here’s a lineup of the 10 hot sauces featured on “Hot Ones” season 16. For diehard Hot Ones fans or those who love to really spice things up, the following Hot Ones season 16 selections make excellent hot sauce gifts. 

1. Hot Ones The Classic Garlic Fresno Edition Hot Sauce

Sean Evans warms up his “Hot Ones” season 16 guests with Hot Ones The Classic Garlic Fresno Edition Hot Sauce. This is the mildest hot sauce of the lot. Many guests called it “nice,” including Holland. The vegan and gluten-free sauce label reads “just the right spice.” If you want to be a little adventurous but you’re not a heat-seeker, this is your sauce.

2. Yellowbird Foods Bliss & Vinegar Sauce

The next sauce combines strawberries, dates, vinegar, coconut, and just a touch of cinnamon. Both Holland and season 16 guest Rob Lowe like the second hot sauce in the lineup and characterize the Yellowbird Bird Foods Bliss & Vinegar Sauce as “sweet.” The fruity ingredients that blend with organic distilled vinegar and organic red serrano peppers make it so.

3. Hoff & Pepper Hoff’s Hot Sauce

As Evans and guests creep up the Scoville scale, it’s difficult not to cringe a little. At number three in the lineup, Hoff & Pepper Hoff’s Hot Sauce still isn’t that bad. But things are heating up. This sauce mixes jalapeno, habanero, and chipotle chiles with vinegar, clover honey, black mustard seed, dill, and other spices. Evans described it as “barbecue sauce with a little kick to it.”

4. Hot Ones Los Calientes Hot Sauce

Here’s another Hot Ones brand special. Holland immediately noticed that the Hot Ones Los Calientes Hot Sauce “has a green hue.” Dubbed “the sauce of the summer,” Los Calientes contains Apricots from California, apple cider from New York, agave nectar from Mexico, lemon juice from Florida with Green Serrano chiles, Applewood Smoked Green Serrano, Orange Habanero, and more.

5. Hot Heads Revolutionary Hot Sauce

As “Hot Ones” guests hit the middle of the road, the lineup is getting warmer. The Hot Heads Revolutionary Hot Sauce label charges, “Be fearless!” Key ingredients include fire-roasted bell pepper, tomato, olive oil, and pink Himalayan sea salt. Trinidad Scorpion peppers fan the spicy flame.

6. Senor Lechuga .718 Hot Sauce

Don’t let the plain back and white label on Senor Lechuga .718 Hot Sauce fool you. This bottle features ghost, guajillo, and pasilla peppers with sour black lime and buffalo ginger. The result: hot meets tart. Hot Ones guest Rob Lowe smiled and said, “Clearly, it’s post-half time” after tasting this one.

7. Lengua de Fuego Bhutila Fire Hot Sauce

Lucky number seven is Lengua de Fuego Bhutila Fire Hot Sauce. This heat-packed bottle features a mix of ghost peppers, zing peppers, and Trinidad Scorpion chiles. Bitter orange brings out citrus flavor along with Scotch bonnets, white vinegar, and more. Spicy sauce newbies, beware!

8. Da Bomb Evolution Hot Sauce

Da Bomb Evolution Hot Sauce is an updated version of Da Bomb Beyond Insanity from “Hot Ones.” Super-hot Butch T Moruga Scorpion peppers blend with paprika, turmeric, garlic, and onion powder. At eight out of 10 on the heat scale, Spider-Man broke down and chugged milk on Hot Ones crying, “That is so bad!”

9. Hellfire Kranked Hot Sauce

A flaming hot concoction is obvious with a name like Hellfire Kranked Hot Sauce. The label describes it as “extreme black garlic reaper sauce”—“reaper” being the fearsome Carolina Reaper pepper. After sampling this sauce, Holland asked, “Is there a doctor in the house?”

10. Hot Ones Apollo The Last Dab

Anyone who survived the previous nine sauces should brace themselves for the hottest sauce on the list. Hot Ones Apollo The Last Dab ranks as an 11/10 on the heat scale, “the spiciest sauce in the Hot Ones lineup.” Have a gallon of milk handy—and maybe a fire extinguisher.

These sauces are as addictive as the award-winning Hot Ones web series. Do National Hot Sauce Day up right by sampling any or all of these hot sauces from Hot Ones.