Aer Lingus AerClub: Frequent Flyer Program Guide

Aer Lingus Aerclub: Frequent Flyer Program Guide

Aer Lingus is the national airline for Ireland. Headquartered in Dublin, it operates the majority of its flights from the northern European city.

The airline’s frequent flyer program is called AerClub and the miles earned and redeemed are known as Avios. Avios can be earned in many ways like flying, hotel bookings, shopping portals and more. They can also be redeemed for options like flights, seat upgrades, car rentals and hotel bookings—generally, the best value for your Avios will be redeeming them for award flights.


Aer Lingus was founded by the Irish Government in 1936 but is now privatized and part of the International Airline Group (IAG). IAG includes Oneworld partners British Airways and Iberia Airlines. While a part of the IAG group, Aer Lingus is not a true member of the Oneworld alliance. Instead, the unique Aer Lingus codeshare network includes airlines from more than one major airline alliance, including interline arrangements with Star Alliance partners such as United Airlines, as well as Oneworld member, American Airlines.

How To Earn Avios

Earning Avios through Aer Lingus requires the opening of an AerClub account. Upon sign-up, members will receive a frequent flyer account number and the introductory status assignment of a Green-tier member.

By Flying

As AerClub is a frequent flyer program, the most obvious way to earn Avios is through purchasing and taking flights on Aer Lingus. Avios are awarded based on the cost of the flight, excluding taxes and fees. Avios are awarded at a rate of 3 Avios per 1 euro spent. This revenue-based earning program incentivizes spending and does not take flight distance into account when awarding Avios.

As a Green-tier member, purchasing a 100 euros fare from Dublin to London would earn 300 Avios. Accordingly, a 300 euros purchase from Dublin to London would earn 900 Avios.

Tier Credits

Members can achieve higher status by earning Tier Credits from flying Aer Lingus ticketed and operated flights. Accumulation of Tier Credits unlock additional benefits as the member progresses to Silver, then Platinum and finally Concierge-tier levels.

A member’s elite status is a factor in how many Avios earned from flying. A member will receive bonus Avios, earning 25%, 50% and 75%, respectively, each flight.

For a 100 euros fare, a Green-tier member will earn 300 Avios. A Concierge-tier member will earn 300 Avios plus a bonus of 75%, resulting in a total of 525 Avios.

Higher tiers are achieved by taking Aer Lingus ticketed and operated flights. The amount of Tier Credits awarded per one-way flight are based on the route and fare class. The following are the amount of Tier Credits needed to earn higher status:

  • Silver: 301 Tier Credits
  • Platinum: 601 Tier Credits
  • Concierge: 1,051 Tier Credits

Higher tier status within the AerClub program provides benefits such as priority boarding, free cabin baggage and complimentary upgrades. A unique benefit of the AerClub program is the ability to pause status due to maternity leave, adoption leave or a serious illness.

Flights on Partners

An AerClub member can earn Avios by providing their AerClub number on flights with partner airlines: British Airways and United Airlines. The amount of Avios awarded to AerClub members flying on British Airways or United Airlines flights varies by program but are based on the distance flown and the fare class booked on a paid ticket.

Credit Card Spending

Aer Lingus has a co-branded credit card issued by Chase bank called the Aer Lingus Visa Signature® Card. Currently, the credit card has a welcome bonus offer of the following:

The earning structure on the card is as follows:

Transfer Partners

Aer Lingus is a partner of two major transferable currencies, with a third partner coming soon:

Points earned in these programs can be transferred to AerClub Avios as long as the card account you hold allows transfers to airline partners. Points transfer at a 1-to-1 ratio in increments of 1,000 points.

Furthermore, Chase Ultimate Rewards and American Express Membership Rewards will periodically offer transfer bonuses. These bonuses are structured to provide an extra percentage of points when transferring to certain programs. If AerClub Avios are desired, but a bonus is not currently offered for that program, it would be advantageous to transfer to British Airways, Iberia or Qatar Airways with the bonus, and then transfer to Aer Lingus.

Avios can also be earned with the loyalty programs of British Airways, Iberia and Qatar Airways and can be transferred between each other, although with some restrictions, at a rate of 1-to-1. Each Avios program has unique redemption rates so transferring points between the programs can often be beneficial.

Other Forms of Earning

Aer Lingus offers several other ways of earning Avios.


The AerClub eStore is an online shopping portal. By using the shopping portal, you can earn AerClub Avios when shopping online. These Avios earned are in addition to any points you will earn from your credit card. The AerClub eStore will have various earning rates and not every retailer is represented in the shopping portal.

Hotel Stays And Car Rentals

Avios can be earned by booking hotels through the Avios hotel program at a rate of 15 Avios per 1 pound (about $1.14 as of the time of writing) spent. You can also earn Avios by booking hotels at, Best Western hotels, Rocketmiles and Melia Hotels. Keep in mind that if you book through the portal, you might lose your status benefits.

Avios can also be accumulated through car rentals, vacation packages and completing surveys. The rate varies depending on the program. Make sure to always check the terms and conditions.

Buying Avios

Avios can be purchased directly through the AerClub eStore in 1,000 Avios increments, up to 200,000 Avios per calendar year. As with any points purchase, the cost of the points and the redemption value should always be considered. Frequent flyer programs can undergo devaluation without notice, making your Avios worth less, so ensure you have a use for the Avios before purchase.


On the Airline

The Aer Lingus award chart is distance-based, therefore, the amount of Avios needed for a flight is directly related to the distance of the flight.

AerClub operates flights within six zone definitions and utilizes off-peak and peak pricing—flights during the off-peak season will be lower and higher during the more popular peak season.

AerClub award flights are priced per segment, so a flight from London to Chicago that connects in Dublin will be priced as one flight from London to Dublin, and one flight from Dublin to Chicago.

The Aer Lingus mileage zones are as follows:

Zone One 0 to 650 miles

Zone Two 651 to 1,151 miles

Zone Three 1,152 t0 2,000 miles

Zone Four 2,001 to 3,000 miles

Zone Five 3,001 to 4,000 miles

Zone Six 4,001 t0 5,500 miles

Aer Lingus publishes a peak and off-Peak calendar so an AerClub member can easily see which dates are eligible for the lower off-peak pricing. However, the easiest way to check for award pricing will be to head to and enter desired travel plans. Using will provide an AerClub member real-time award availability information, as well as associated taxes and fees.

Award flights can cost as little as 4,000 Avios for a zone one, off-peak, one-way flight in economy. And, a flight can cost as much as 75,000 Avios for a zone six, peak, one-way flight in business.

Taxes and fees vary, but flights departing from Dublin are generally far less than flights departing from the UK. It may be advisable to book a positioning flight to reduce the cash component of the award ticket cost.


In instances where business class is not able to be booked outright, using Avios to upgrade cabins is possible. Avios cannot be used to upgrade an existing economy award ticket but can be used to upgrade a cash ticket originally booked through

The amount of Avios needed to upgrade will vary based on the peak and off-Peak calendar dates as well as the route operated. The upgrade process is done manually through email communication ( and must be completed a minimum of 72 hours in advance.

On Partners

AerClub Avios can be used to book reward flights on Aer Lingus and Avios partner airlines: British Airways, Iberia and Vueling. Despite Aer Lingus partnering with a plurality of airlines internationally, its redemption options are limited to these airlines. Award flights would be booked through and would be priced according to the standard zone definitions set forth by AerClub.

Flights wholly operated by Aer Lingus or Aer Lingus regional and booked through are eligible for “Pay with Avios.” An AerClub member can redeem Avios toward the cost of the flight, including seats and bags.

Aer Lingus is not a true Oneworld member. If award flights are desired to be booked on partner airlines such as Qantas or Cathay Pacific, using the Combine Avios feature can be useful. This allows members to move AerClub Avios to Oneworld member programs Iberia and British Airways. AerClub Avios currently cannot be combined with Qatar directly through However, you can combine your AerClub Avios with your British Airways Executive Club Avios via and then continue on to combine your British Airways Avios with your Qatar Avios via


Sweet Spots

As with any frequent flyer program, some redemptions are better than others. Here are some of the biggest “bang for your buck” redemptions for AerClub Avios.

Intra-Europe Flights under 2,000 Miles


Aer Lingus operates flights to a variety of European destinations from its Dublin hub. Zone one flights, which are flights under 650 miles, are just 4,000 (off-peak)/4,500 (peak) Avios. Zone two (651 to 1,151 miles) flights are 6,500/7,500. And, zone three flights (1,152 to 2,000 miles) are 8,500/10,000 Avios. This means that flights to destinations such as the Canary Islands or Turkey can be booked for a minimal amount of Avios.

As a 20 kg baggage allowance is included with award flights, using Avios to fly to these destinations can significantly reduce the out-of-pocket cost of air travel.

Transatlantic Flights from Northeastern North America

With the AerClub program during off-peak dates, it only costs 13,000 Avios plus taxes and fees to hop across The Pond. Flights between the North American cities of Boston, Chicago, Hartford, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, Montreal and Washington to Dublin are categorized as a zone five distance. As many transatlantic award options cost 30,000 points or more, AerClub provides a low mileage redemption to travel between North America and Europe.

Combining a 13,000 Avios transatlantic redemption with a zone one to three intra-Europe redemption can allow travelers to access most major cities in Europe for less than 25,000 Avios.

Florida and West Coast to Ireland

For just 16,250 Avios during off-peak dates, AerClub members can fly between Dublin and Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami or Orlando. Flights from West Coast cities to Europe usually involve multiple stops and can result in a long travel day. The flight distance from Los Angeles to Dublin is almost 2,000 miles further than the distance between New York and Dublin, but the Avios required is only a few thousand more.



Expiration Dates

Aer Lingus Avios expire after 36 months of inactivity. As long as you spend, or collect at least one Avios, your expiration clock resets. An easy way to ensure your Avios remain active is by using a shopping portal.

Infant Fees

Infants traveling as a lap child are charged 10% of the points required for the adult flight if they do not have their own seat. Children aged two years and older, as well as infants in their own seat, will be charged the full points fare plus applicable taxes and fees.

Bottom Line

The AerClub frequent flyer program is interesting in that it is a distance based, zone-delineated award chart. The best value will be redeeming Avios through AerClub on Aer Lingus operated flights. There are cheap economy redemption options from North America to Aer Lingus’s Dublin hub. As the majority of Aer Lingus’ routes are operated out of Dublin to connect throughout Europe, collecting Avios is an attractive option for those wishing to travel the continent.

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