10 Fun Gifts for Your Pets This Holiday Season

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If you pamper your pets and give them random surprises all year long, you’re not alone. To help make the holiday season merrier and brighter, it’s also nice to pick out presents for the fur babies. Most puppies and kittens easily entertain themselves with a simple stick, ball, or an empty box. So, don’t stress yourself too much in choosing a gift that will set your pooch’s tail wagging or your kitty purring with delight. If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for dogs, Christmas gifts for cats, or gifts for pet parents on your list, check out these ideas.

1. Woof Interactive Gingerbread Pet Toy

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There’s nothing like interactive play to entertain your furry family member. Your pooch can stay busy for hours trying to work these three adorable gingerbread men out of their toy house. Just pile the ginger “dolls” inside and let the fun begin!

2. Spunky Pup Snack & Chew Antler

Medium to large dogs will love gnawing on the rugged nylon chew toy to find the tasty beef-flavored treat that’s hidden inside. Plus, chewing their way to the yummy snack promotes healthy teeth and gums. This 2-in-1 holiday surprise will have your dog howling for more.

3. Frisco Interactive Electric Flopping Fish Cat Toy with Catnip

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Give your cat a reason to jump for joy with this interactive electric fish toy that flops like a real fish. The fish flips and wiggles in response to your kitty’s touch—and you can even pack a bit of catnip in the fish’s belly to lure your feline in and keep them frolicking with their new friend. The toy’s rechargeable battery pack lasts for about an hour.

4. Cat Cuddler Pet Bed

Cats love to snuggle, and yours can curl up and stay cozy and warm in this Sherpa-lined 20-inch Cat Cuddler Pet Bed from Majestic Pet Products. The thick cushion is made of soft orthopedic-grade foam. After a morning filled with holiday excitement, it’s a purrfect place for your kitty to catch a luxurious cat nap.

5. 3 Dog Personalized EZ Wash Fleece Bolster Tan Dog Bed

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Give your beloved canine companion a comfy bed of his own. This EZ Wash Fleece bolster dog bed from 3 Dog is extra special because you can add your dog’s name to personalize it. The bed has a cushioned headrest and is 100% high loft polyester-filled, and you can easily remove the soft sleep surface to wash it. If you want to treat your canine like royalty this Christmas, give him this high-quality personal lounge space.

6.Yaheetech 54.5-in Cat Scratching Tree

Small-to-medium-sized kitties will love to climb and play on this fun-filled Cat Scratching Tree from Yaheetech. The multitier structure is like a high-rise for cats, complete with two cute cat condos with doors and windows for feline residents to snuggle up in and peer out of. Kitties can also survey the room from three different perches and scratch away on three sisal rope-coiled posts.

7.Cat Amazing Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Cat Toy

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Cats are naturally curious and love to hunt and explore. This interactive Treat Maze and Puzzle appeals to these feline instincts, provides loads of entertainment and search-and-find fun. Just hide treats in the maze’s compartments and watch your cat have a blast. Cats can play at three challenge levels—beginner, intermediate, and top cat.

8. Drinkwell 2-Gallon Pet Fountain

Your fur baby can stay hydrated and enjoy a steady stream of clean, free-flowing water from a Drinkwell 2-Gallon Pet Fountain. The adjustable flow keeps water circulating at low to high settings. A built-in foam filter catches hair and debris, and the circulating water helps prevent bacteria growth.

9. Goody Box Adventure Toys & Treats for Dogs

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The fun folks at Goody Box decided that gift baskets aren’t just for pet parents anymore. The limited-edition Tails of Adventure box is jam-packed with lots of tail-wagging treats and toys for your dog to enjoy. Each box contains six products—two full-size treats, two fun plush toys, one treat-dispensing toy, and a delicious recipe.

10. Goody Box Birthday Toys, Treats, & Apparel for Cats

Goody Box pet parents packed a special birthday party box your cat can enjoy during the holidays, too. The purrfect party bundle includes a spiffy bowtie, some irresistible catnip toys, and a tasty supply of treats. Your kitty will be whisker-licking happy with this festive holiday surprise.

There’s nothing sweeter than a happy furry companion during the holiday season. Any of these gifts will keep your dog or cat prancing and dancing with delight.