Human remains found in Town of Roxbury confirmed as Krista Halderson

MADISON, Wis. — Dane County Sheriff Kalvin Barrett says human remains found earlier this month in the Town of Roxbury near DNR land along the Wisconsin River belong to Krista Halderson.

Barrett provided the update during a press conference on Friday morning.

According to the sheriff’s department, Krista Halderson’s body was also dismembered.

Her remains were found on July 14, after a woman had reported seeing Halderson’s son, Chandler, in the area and acting suspiciously on July 3rd.

Barrett says the Sheriff’s Department is now pursuing a second charge of homicide against Chandler Halderson, who was already facing homicide charges in the death of Bart Halderson.

Bart Halderson’s remains were found near Cottage Grove and previously identified by the Dane County Medical Examiner.

The sheriff’s department has continued to search several areas for more evidence in the case. Investigators concluded their search of the Waste Management landfill in Watertown on July 28th, and dive team members are continuing to search a pond behind the Haldersons’ home in Windsor. Authorities are also continuing to search and process everything inside the Haldersons’ home.

“We are hoping to discover any and all information relevant to this investigation,” Barrett said Friday. “We have not made any conclusions and we will continue to investigate every time and lead to ensure that we have investigated this incident to its completion.”

Authorities say more human remains were found on the property on Tuesday, July 27th, but those remains have not yet been identified.

“We have kept the Halderson family in our thoughts and prayers throughout this investigation and we extend our continued sympathies to them today,” Barrett said. “We ask that everyone allow them to grieve this tremendous loss with the utmost dignity and space.”

The sheriff’s department is still encouraging anyone with possible information about the case to contact them at 608-284-6900.

You can find a full timeline of the Halderson investigation here.