How to stay calm during a job interview

How to stay calm during a job interview

Being nervous during a job interview is normal, but it can also cost you the job if the anxiety prevents you from properly answering questions and showcasing your skills. Follow these tips to help you stay calm during a job interview.

–          Be prepared: By during research on the company and the job you are likely to enter the job interview more prepared and more relaxed.

–          Plan ahead: Have everything you need to bring to the interview, including resumes, ready to go at least a day before the interview. Also try to plan out responses to common questions so you can make sure to include everything you want in your answer.

–          Ask questions: If you’re worried about getting lost, what to wear or what to bring to the interview, call the Human Resources representative and simply ask. This will help put you at ease the day of the interview.

–          Be confident: Show the interviewer that you truly are the best candidate for the job. If you’re nervous hide it by folding your hands together, or taking some deep breaths to calm yourself.

–          Treat it like a conversation: To try to relax, think of the interview more as a conversation and less as an interview. If you focus on talking and getting to know the interviewer and being yourself you are more likely to give better answers and think more clearly.