How to help your favorite charities when you don’t have money to spare

MADISON, Wis. — Year after year, Rhonda Hilmershausen tops the list as Susan G. Komen’s biggest fundraiser, routinely raising tens of thousands of dollars for breast cancer research. But even she didn’t feel comfortable asking for money during a pandemic.

“I felt selfish,” Hilmershausen told News 3 Now. “Even though it wasn’t for me personally.”

Rhonda’s reason for being such a big supporter of Komen is personal: she fought and beat breast cancer. That’s why every year she walks, but like many, this year she wasn’t able to raise money.

“It was just really hard for me to ask people to give when they’re struggling to pay their bills,” she said.

While the highest income earners were 20% more likely to give last year, two-thirds of donors either decreased or stopped volunteering altogether. This reality has left dozens of charities in need of help.

How to help, besides donating money*

  • Shop at, and select Susan G. Komen as your chosen charity. It won’t cost you anything, and a portion of your purchases will benefit Komen. Click here to learn more.
  • Donate your used car, truck, boat, or RV to Susan G. Komen. Whether it’s running or not, your donated vehicle can help save lives. At no cost to you, Komen will arrange to pick-up your vehicle. Click here to learn more.
  • When you buy or sell on eBay, select Susan G. Komen as your chosen charity. As a seller, you can select to donate 10% to 100% of your item’s final sales price to Komen. Click here to learn more.
  • Volunteer. Ask your favorite charities how you can give your time. Ask your friends who are battling cancer how you can help. Set aside a few hours of your day to run errands, watch kids, or help around the house. No act of generosity is too small.

If you are able and willing to give money, click here to donate to Susan G. Komen.

*We have chosen to use the Susan G. Komen Foundation as an example, as part of our partnership with the ‘More Than Pink’ walk, which took place virtually on Sept. 26.