How to help dogs cope with thunderstorms

How to help dogs cope with thunderstorms

Does your dog get scared during thunderstorms? Get tips on how to help your four-legged friend cope with his or her anxiety.

According to the Humane Society, owners should create a safe place for their pets to retreat to during a thunderstorm. Pay attention to where your dog tries to retreat to when he or she is scared. If it’s in a certain room, or under a couch or a bed, or in a closet, then make sure he or she has access to that place during a storm.

You can also try to block out the sound as much as possible. Consider putting on music or turning on the TV to help block out some of the noise of the storm.

Distracting your dog will also work for some pets. As soon as your dog starts to get anxious try to engage him or her in an activity to distract him or her from the storm.

If your pet becomes overly anxious during storms, then you should consider consulting your veterinarian. The vet might recommend some anti-anxiety therapies or behavior modifications.