How to exercise your dog in your home

How to exercise your dog in your home

Are you struggling to find time to give your dog enough outdoor exercise? Use these ideas for ways to help your dog exercise in the comforts of your home.

Dance party: If you dance, your dog will think it’s a game and start dancing – or running and jumping – alongside you. This way you both burn calories and energy.

Doga: If you enjoy doing yoga, consider doing doga with your dog. Doga incorporates your pet into some poses. However, this is more of a workout for you and less for your pet. These moves will help you bond with your pet, and it also might help your pet relax.

Soccer: Find an open room in your home or move some furniture out of the way and play soccer with your dog. Your pet will love to chase the ball around and will enjoy trying to roll it.

Fetch: Find some space in your home and play an indoor game of fetch with your pet’s favorite toys.