House Democrats vote to hold elections on or after December 5

The House Democratic Caucus voted Tuesday to hold its elections on or after December 5, a move the gives members close to a month to organize and campaign for various leadership positions after the midterm elections.

Earlier this month, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi recommended the elections be held after Thanksgiving, in keeping with the wishes of dozens of Democrats who wanted more time between the midterms and the leadership elections. In 2016, the caucus held its elections the week after Thanksgiving.

Politico first reported Tuesday’s caucus vote.

While Pelosi has said she plans on running for speaker again if Democrats retake the majority, several candidates and incumbent members have already said they won’t support her. The ballot will largely take shape during the month after the election, once it’s determined which party is in power.

Some members have already started announcing their campaigns. In recent days, Reps. Barbara Lee and Linda Sanchez of California announced they would run for Democratic Caucus chair — the position now held by Rep. Joe Crowley, who lost his primary race in New York this summer. Sanchez currently serves as vice chair of the caucus.

The caucus will vote again after the August recess to decide the specific date for the elections, but it’s expected to take place the week of December 5, according to multiple aides.