Horizon High School celebrates 10 years of helping young people achieve and stay sober

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   Madison is fortunate to have a few alternative high schools offering environments more conducive to learning for some students. These schools work, helping young people achieve where otherwise they might not.

   One of those schools is Horizon High School, a private, nonprofit recovery high school that offers a safe, drug-free environment in which students learn and stay sober. It’s a combination of personalized learning plans, meeting all Wisconsin state educational standards, and a small, therapeutic structure.

   Horizon High School, Dane County’s only recovery high school, is celebrating its 10 th anniversary Thursday night with a fundraiser at the Edgewater. WISC TV is proud to be a sponsor. As you might expect these schools typically succeed because of dedicated parents and supporters and we tip our hates to that group at Horizon High School. They’ve made the school an important part of our community’s educational landscape, and made it possible for a bunch of really good young people to have successful lives.