Homes, trees damaged by storm in Lancaster

Homes, trees damaged by storm in Lancaster

When wind and rain rolled through Lancaster it brought down large trees and tore the roof off of a home. The downed trees resulted in power outages for much of the community.

“You could hear the thunder rumbling and it started to rain and once the wind started it was just chaos,” says Kerin Colson, who was working at the library when the storm hit.

The tornado sirens sounded in Lancaster, which sent residents scrambling for cover.

“You couldn’t see anything because it was literally raining sideways,” says Marty Busch, owner of a music store in Lancaster.

While most of the damage was from downed trees, Greg Gelbach had part of the roof on his home removed by the storm.

“I went down for coffee and my house was in one piece and I came home and this is what I found,” says Gelbach. 

The roof to his home was found in a yard a half block away.

“When I pulled in and seen this, I (went), ‘Oh my.  I’ve got a mess,'” says Gelbach.

While power has been restored to some portions of Lancaster, the west and northwest section of town is still without power.   Extra utility repair crews are being called in and it is hoped power can be restored to the entire city by morning.