Homeowner frustrated that man who burglarized his home continues to be let out of jail

Brett Sprecher said his home was burglarized in May by 17-year-old Damontae Tillman. At the time, he didn’t know what Tillman looked like. It wasn’t until Tillman was arrested again that Sprecher saw his mug shot, recognized his name and grew frustrated that Tillman had been let out of jail, yet again.

“After the second or third time, they should have made it very hard for him to get out of jail,” Sprecher said. “The worst that he got, from the paperwork that we got, was that he got an ankle bracelet.”

Sprecher said Tillman stole his wallet, his wife’s purse, a phone and several other items in his house.

Tillman currently has nine open cases going through the court system. The charges include theft, burglary, hit-and-run, bail jumping, resisting an officer, damage to property, driving a car without the owner’s consent, etc.

Sprecher said he is frustrated that every time Tillman is arrested on new charges, he is let out of jail on signature bond.

Signature bond requires a defendant to sign a promise to return to court for trial without paying the court. The defendant only pays a designated amount if he or she fails to do so or breaks the conditions of their signature bond.

District Attorney Ismael Ozanne said he has attempted to make it more difficult for Tillman to get out of jail by recommending cash bail. But every decision has ultimately been up to the judge to decide.

“In seven of those nine instances, we have actually asked for cash bail. We did not get any cash bail until the last case.”

Cash bail is now set at $1,000 per case for his most recent arrest for suspicion of burglarizing a home last week.

“In the adult system, a court commissioner or judge would decide whether a person gets bail, a signature bond, and/or what other conditions they are going to have as a release,” Ozanne said.

Sprecher said he hopes the cash bail this time is enough this time to keep Tillman off the streets.

“Until something happens where he is stuck in jail for a long time or there are consequences, nothing is going to change,” Sprecher said.

According to the clerk of courts, Tillman has not paid his cash bail and is still sitting in jail.

His next court appearance is scheduled for Nov. 19 at 9 a.m.

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