Homeland secretary: People would ‘never leave the house’ if they knew what I knew

Kelly: WH handling of classified material ‘wasn’t up to the standards’
White House chief of staff John Kelly

Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said Friday that the American public would “never leave the house” if they knew what he knew about terrorist threats.

Speaking to “Fox and Friends” hosts, Kelly noted that there were four major terror attacks in the last week, spanning from England to Indonesia, perpetrated “by generally the same groups.”

“It’s everywhere. It’s constant. It’s nonstop,” he said of the terror threat. “The good news for us in America is, we have amazing people protecting us every day. But it can happen here almost anytime.”

He did note that the United States had many agencies responsible for making sure people stayed safe.

“The good news is we have the finest men and women in and out of uniform,” he said.

Kelly’s comments come on the heels of a tense week following a terrorist attack at a concert in Manchester, England, on Monday that killed 22 people and injured dozens more. A number of people have been arrested in conjunction with the bombing that largely targeted young children and teenagers. ISIS has claimed credit.

President Donald Trump highlighted the attack on Friday in his statement on the Ramadan holiday, and called out the “perverted ideology” of the attackers deemed responsible for the bombing.